Portfolios, last questions.

Dear workshop,

Thank you for all your creativity and hard work this Jan Term!

The Writer’s Note instructions are here, but be guided primarily by our meeting in office hours.

Please hand your portfolios in by 5pm on Thursday. I will be in my office between 10am and 12pm, and then teaching most of the afternoon. You may drop your portfolio in the English office on the 2nd floor of Hoover, Angela will have a box for you or put it in my mail slot.

Happy end of term,

-Prof. Chihara

Portfolio Checklist

  • 4 Revised Writing Exercises
    At least 4 pp. of revised writing, from the prompts and your notebook.
  • 4 critiques that you wrote for others.
  • 4 critiques written for you.
  • My letter to you.
  • Your story — revised as much as you have revised.
  • 3 Prompts that you liked and / or wrote in class.  (bullet pointed list)
  • Writer’s Note (we talk about this in office hours — what you can use from feedback, what you can’t, and why)

Office hour sign-ups (to be planned in class today 1/19)

Thursday after class:

__1:10 Brandy & Jasmin________________

__1:25_Max& Emily__________________

__1:40 Ryan & Maeve________________

___2:05 Charlie &_________________________

Monday morning:

___9:15 am Olivia and Catherine_______




Monday after class:

____Sara & Klharisa_______________

____Aidee ________________________



Tuesday after class:

___1:10 Michael & Ashley____________

___3:30 Abby & Sam______________






Get ready for the first workshop!

Dear class,

The workshop stories should be posted in the Forum marked “Workshop 1.” I changed the name from just “Workshop,” and will create a new forum for each workshop to avoid confusion.

Remember that you should print out each story for the workshop (3 stories each time), and bring in the printed manuscript, with your notes in the margins, so that you can refer to it during workshop. It is very difficult to talk about a story if you’re not able to look at it for reference.

If you are writing critiques for this workshop, please remember to bring in printed copies of your critique as well (one for the instructor, one for the author). You only need one copy of the story, but 2 of the critiques.

On Monday, you must also bring in whatever you created or wrote based on your library experience.

See you in class,
Prof. Chihara