Research questions

Post your research questions here, and respond to each other. You should post one research question, and respond to one from one of your peers. 

7 thoughts on “Research questions”

    1. Social media has definitely helped inform people all over the US about gun violence and the importance of laws regarding guns.

  1. How has climate change affected our generation’s attitude towards making changes in public policy?

    1. Climate change has been a controversial topic from the beginning of its time but as we know now it is dire to start making steps towards change because all of the scientific facts. Our generations attitude has been influenced towards wanting to help because we will be the ones having to deal with the negative effects of not doing anything sooner.

    1. Businesses are affected by changes in the technological environment. With that said having more access to information from new technology may allow small businesses to flourish due to them having the info they need to change technology to improve products and processes or even create new products and processes that will expand markets and profits.

  2. How big of an impact has economic crisis,social interest, and technology had on our generation and how has that impact affected our generations relationships today?

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