Tentative schedule

Th. 9/6 Introduction.
 T 9/11  — Choosing the Right MomentTurkle, Reclaiming Conversation through page 78.

Th 9/13
Creating and Constructing a Narrative
Turkle: –p. 99 
T 9/18   Exploratory Draft 1 due
Peer review, take feedback home.
Th 9/20Working Draft, Paper One due
T 9/25
Choosing an Ad
Th 9/27Final Draft, Paper One due
T  10/2 
Analyzing an Ad
Th 10/4 Exploratory Draft, Paper Two
T 10/09 — Evaluating a claimFinal, Paper Two
Th  10/11 — Explaining assertionsBring in revised draft of Paper Two, Ad Analysis
[In-Class essay – Assignment #3]
T  10/16Debrief.
Th 10/18NO CLASS 
T 10/23 — Analysis / ApplicationLibrary session.  
Th 10/25 — Applying AssertionsTypes of evidence.
T  10/30 — Understanding Academic DiscourseBring in 1 academic, peer-reviewed article
Th 11/1Choose your own generational name.
Identify research strategies to make an argument.
Thesis statements, written, due in class.
T 11/6 – Summarizing and using academic discourse[change]
Th 11/08
T 11/13 Rhetorical analysisSummary & Paraphrase due
Th 11/15
T 11/ 20 
Working Draft, Paper Five  due
[bring 2 printed copies to class]
Thanksgiving 11/22
T 11/27Next Draft, Paper Five
Th 11/29
T 12/04Final draft, Paper Five due. 
Th 12/06
T 12/11Final portfolio due, 10am.