Summary & Paraphrase

ASSIGNMENT 4:   (Weeks 6 – 7)

Assignment:             Summarize and contrast two of the sources that you have found in your research, with your group. You must all have only one source which overlaps with another member of your group. In other words, you must all write different summaries of different articles, however, you may have some overlap as you are all researching within the same topic area.   

Notes:                        Contrasting two arguments does not mean that you must pit them against each other. Instead, compare their rhetorical strategies. Summarize the argument each author makes, and characterize the evidence they use. For example, “using the theoretical lens provided by Foucault’s theory of governmentality, this author relies on sociological data gathered through online interviews with a group of subjects in their twenties in the United States.” By contrast, another author may be writing a journalistic account of a single young woman’s life story in Baltimore.

                                    While your early drafts should use techniques that compare and contrast the two texts to some extent, your final draft should not be a “compare/contrast” essay. In your final draft, you mustsay something about how the two text function differently. What did you find convincing about each one?    

Readings:                   Why Meet With A Writing Tutor? And Comparing & Contrasting

Page Limits:              3-5 full pages (i.e. 3 pages minimum)

Due Dates:                Typed Working Draft for Peer review:__________

Final packet: ___________________________________________