Research in support of a claim — Talking about my generation

ASSIGNMENT 5: (Weeks 8 – 10)

Assignment:   Defend a thesis about why the name you have selected in your group will be a likely candidate to attach to your generation. Use specific, credible, peer-reviewed academic and credible journalist sources to support each part of your claim. 

Notes:           Remember that while you can and should have aspirational goals for your generation, you must make an argument based on recent history about what is likely to happen in the near future. 

For example, if people in a certain demographic are already using specific technologies more often, you must find specific data to quantify that shift, and then make a claim about what the consequences of such shifts will be. 

Pitfalls:           The assignment asks you to read and digest multiple texts from multiple sources, and then to build your own argument based on those many claims. It may be tempting simply to repeat one other author’s argument, while adding additional research.  Your primary goal is to argue for the name you have chosen, but you must make that argument by linking the evidence provided by multiple sources. 

Avoid the temptation of summarizing and listing a number of articles on the same topic, and also, don’t list distinct arguments without any connective tissue. You must write a coherent account which presents your research as a evidence to substantiate each part of your claim 

Readings:                  The Writing Commons: Rhetorical Appeals

Page Limits:              4-5 pages

Due Dates:                Typed Exploratory Draft: ____________________

                                    Typed Working Draft for Peer review:__________

Final packet: ______________________________