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INTD 100 / T-TH 1:30-2:50 pm/ PL 203

GENERATIONS: What events will define your history…?

Do you think you know what a “millenial” looks or acts like? What about a “boomer”? How do generations get identified and profiled? Who comes up with these terms? Who studies generational differences? What kinds of statistics do scholars, journalists and corporations look at?  Do such tags have an effect on the groups they ostensibly describe? What are the negative and positive aspects of group identity?

Students will develop their critical, analytic and expressive skills through a series of short writing assignments. We will analyze and write for a variety of rhetorical situations, including: a response on a blog, an opinion piece about an advertisement, and an academic thesis statement.

By engaging with the theme of the class, students will also learn to apply different writing techniques and rhetorical strategies, over the course of sustained inquiry into a topic.

I would like to give credit to Ray Bourgeois Zimmerman, who was the course director when I first taught writing at the college level at UC Irvine, and whose assignment structures I have borrowed from generously here. He was a wonderful teaching mentor.

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      1. That would be fun. Unfortunately, I teach at exactly the same time as you. Good luck with the class, though.

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