Next set of assignments

My post last week didn’t update, but only one of you wrote to me today asking about assignments. Hopefully this will not surprise anyone. The assignments are not different from the syllabus.  You should finish the peer review that you began in class for tomorrow, Tuesday 10/4.

Tuesday Oct 4
–>Read and print Mallory Ortberg’s humor pieces on bleach ads and The University of Phoenix ads.
–>Read and print “The Persistent Myth of the Narcissistic Millenial
–>Bring your completed peer reviewed drafts to class.
–>Remember that you should be thinking about and beginning to work on Assignment 2.

Thursday Oct 6
–>Exploratory draft of Assignment 2, due in class. Primarily, this means bring a written thesis paragraph.

Tuesday Oct 11
–>Working draft of Assignment 2, due in class. In-class peer review work.
–>Review Between The World & Me. 

Thursday Oct 13
–>In-class ESSAY.
You will do in class writing about the Ta Nehisi Coates.





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