Assignments through the end of the semester.

Tuesday 11/15:
–>Bring your latest draft of your paper to class. Please bring 2 print copies.
In class: We will go over the rubric and correction marks.

Thursday 11/17
–>Bring in an abstract of an article that you will use as support for your paper.

FRIDAY 11/18
Class field trip to downtown Los Angeles Arts District and Hauser, Wirth & Schimmel!! 
(Remember to email Amanda Lane with questions!)

Tuesday 11/22
NO CLASS: Individual Conferences. Sign up here.


Tuesday 11/29
Bring in 3 ideas for generational names.
–>Bring in your most recent draft of your thesis.

Thursday 12/1
Bring in Draft #3 or your paper for in class work. Peer review in class will work with the rubric.
–>Determine groups for the final.

Tues 12/6
–> In class thesis work

Thurs 12/8
Last class: Rubrics. Evaluations.

With a thank you to Brianna, here are the final times. You will talk for 20 minutes, when you arrive, and then I will ask you questions for 40 minutes:

Final slots, 12/13:

9:00 AM CJ, Zack, Alaina 

10:30 AM Aly, Megan, Lillian

[12:00 – 1:00 pm ~Lunch~]

1:00 PM Chloe, Justine

2:30 PM Nick, Lauren, Nathan

4:00 PM Brett, Colton, Kailey

 (Group oral exams, based on the theme of the class. Be prepared to argue for a specific thesis based on precise evidence for your chosen generational name.)

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