Assignments through Nov 10

The following weeks will look like this:

Tuesday Oct 25
Read “The Flaw In The Design,” which has been on the Moodle, but is now also linked here.
–> We will write Exploratory Thesis statements for Paper #4 in class. The assignment prompt for Paper #4 is in the syllabus. Come to class ready to think about the texts you would like to use.

Thursday Oct 27
–> Read Coming Up Short (also on the Moodle, + linked here). We will introduce the basic form of Paper #4 in class. [“Slouching Towards Bethlehem is postponed.]


Tuesday Nov 1
Read Coming Up Short (second selection)

Thursday Nov 3
Read “Bernie Sanders is Profoundly Changing….”
–> Listen to dream hampton on “Politically Reactive” podcast


Tuesday Nov 8
–>Abstracting handout, work in class.
–>Working draft #4 due in class.
–> Read “The White Flight of Derek Black.

Thursday Nov 10
–>Locate and read 1 article about a major historical event affecting your generation (e.g. Hurricane Katrina, the 2008 financial crisis, or some other event)
–> Bring in your TOP 3 names for your generation. Be ready to justify your choices.
–> Read “Slouching Towards Bethelehem,” by Joan Didion.

The final draft of Paper #4 will still be due on 11/15, as of now. The working draft of Paper #5 will be due before Thanksgiving. The final draft of Paper #5 will be due on 12/1 and the we will still have group oral exams on 12/6.


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