Assignments through the end of the semester.

Tuesday 11/15:
–>Bring your latest draft of your paper to class. Please bring 2 print copies.
In class: We will go over the rubric and correction marks.

Thursday 11/17
–>Bring in an abstract of an article that you will use as support for your paper.

FRIDAY 11/18
Class field trip to downtown Los Angeles Arts District and Hauser, Wirth & Schimmel!! 
(Remember to email Amanda Lane with questions!)

Tuesday 11/22
NO CLASS: Individual Conferences. Sign up here.


Tuesday 11/29
Bring in 3 ideas for generational names.
–>Bring in your most recent draft of your thesis.

Thursday 12/1
Bring in Draft #3 or your paper for in class work. Peer review in class will work with the rubric.
–>Determine groups for the final.

Tues 12/6
–> In class thesis work

Thurs 12/8
Last class: Rubrics. Evaluations.

With a thank you to Brianna, here are the final times. You will talk for 20 minutes, when you arrive, and then I will ask you questions for 40 minutes:

Final slots, 12/13:

9:00 AM CJ, Zack, Alaina 

10:30 AM Aly, Megan, Lillian

[12:00 – 1:00 pm ~Lunch~]

1:00 PM Chloe, Justine

2:30 PM Nick, Lauren, Nathan

4:00 PM Brett, Colton, Kailey

 (Group oral exams, based on the theme of the class. Be prepared to argue for a specific thesis based on precise evidence for your chosen generational name.)

Assignments through Nov 10

The following weeks will look like this:

Tuesday Oct 25
Read “The Flaw In The Design,” which has been on the Moodle, but is now also linked here.
–> We will write Exploratory Thesis statements for Paper #4 in class. The assignment prompt for Paper #4 is in the syllabus. Come to class ready to think about the texts you would like to use.

Thursday Oct 27
–> Read Coming Up Short (also on the Moodle, + linked here). We will introduce the basic form of Paper #4 in class. [“Slouching Towards Bethlehem is postponed.]


Tuesday Nov 1
Read Coming Up Short (second selection)

Thursday Nov 3
Read “Bernie Sanders is Profoundly Changing….”
–> Listen to dream hampton on “Politically Reactive” podcast


Tuesday Nov 8
–>Abstracting handout, work in class.
–>Working draft #4 due in class.
–> Read “The White Flight of Derek Black.

Thursday Nov 10
–>Locate and read 1 article about a major historical event affecting your generation (e.g. Hurricane Katrina, the 2008 financial crisis, or some other event)
–> Bring in your TOP 3 names for your generation. Be ready to justify your choices.
–> Read “Slouching Towards Bethelehem,” by Joan Didion.

The final draft of Paper #4 will still be due on 11/15, as of now. The working draft of Paper #5 will be due before Thanksgiving. The final draft of Paper #5 will be due on 12/1 and the we will still have group oral exams on 12/6.


Next set of assignments

My post last week didn’t update, but only one of you wrote to me today asking about assignments. Hopefully this will not surprise anyone. The assignments are not different from the syllabus.  You should finish the peer review that you began in class for tomorrow, Tuesday 10/4.

Tuesday Oct 4
–>Read and print Mallory Ortberg’s humor pieces on bleach ads and The University of Phoenix ads.
–>Read and print “The Persistent Myth of the Narcissistic Millenial
–>Bring your completed peer reviewed drafts to class.
–>Remember that you should be thinking about and beginning to work on Assignment 2.

Thursday Oct 6
–>Exploratory draft of Assignment 2, due in class. Primarily, this means bring a written thesis paragraph.

Tuesday Oct 11
–>Working draft of Assignment 2, due in class. In-class peer review work.
–>Review Between The World & Me. 

Thursday Oct 13
–>In-class ESSAY.
You will do in class writing about the Ta Nehisi Coates.





Welcome to the class website.

Primarily, this site will be for updates and online class discussions.

For Thursday 9/22:
–> Bring printed copies of An Open Letter to Millenials Like Talia and An Open Letter To My CEO.
–> Bring 3 printed copies of the working draft of your paper, for Assignment #1, on personal narrative.

For Tuesday 9/27:
–> Read The Millenials 1984-1993 and The Me Me Me Generation.
–> Bring 2 examples of advertisements to class.

For Thursday 9/29:
–> Final draft, Assignment 1, due in class.
–> Bring 3 printed copies of the final draft. You will fill out peer review forms for your classmates in class.